NASA Under Siege

I say we put together a short (fictional?) movie where 100 NASA personnel decide they’re going to work anyway and basically gate crash a facility and go to work. Nobody wants to actually arrest them because it would look REALLY BAD but they kind of barricade them into the facility and threaten to arrest them if they come out. Tensions escalate when the national guard is called in, but half the guard refuses to storm the facility. The group on the inside has to cope with no food except what they can scrounge and what people sneak over the fence to them. Other govt agency people imitate this ‘walk in’. Stalemate is broken when the public outcry against this siege action gets so big Congress basically has to cave in and actually fix the budget.

I have a good camera, good audio gear, audio and video editing system…

Who’s in?


About VAXHeadroom

Among other things I was the Lead C&DH Flight Software Engineer on LCROSS. My LCROSS photo blog on Facebook can be accessed at I run a recording studio and publishing company and tweet as @VAXHeadroom. I'm also a public speaker on space, physics, technology and stage performance. I love talking to kids from K to college, drop me an email if interested in having me come speak!
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One Response to NASA Under Siege

  1. VAXHeadroom says:

    Historical note: This was written during the Gov’t shutdown in the fall of 2013 when NASA personnel (and others) were not allowed to work…

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