I really should have known better than to create a fun hashtag on a day when I’m working in a facility where 1) I can’t take my phone, and 2) don’t even have access to a computer with internet access.  #SpashdownBingo was just a wild idea at about noon (PDT) today and now there are a nearly 100 entries!

Thanks to @Mini_Elon for helping wrangle!!

There’s also a subreddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/SplashdownBingo/

OK – here’s the ‘official’ rules (at least as official as they’re going to get!!):

First person to guess a square gets that square. Here’s the empty map: https://i.imgur.com/9t5KGPK.png
You MUST MUST MUST enter by posting on twitter with the hashtag #SplashdownBingo in order to win THE PRIZE.
The coordinates will be determines as closely as possible on the map by using the ATMOSPHERIC REENTRY COORDINATES POSTED BY NASA/Roscosmos once the Progress vehicle re-enters.  OK – so it’s not really ‘splashdown’, but it was such a fun hashtag!! :)In the event the coordinates land on a line, the square to the SOUTH and/or EAST of the line will be the winning square.
THE PRIZE: I will send – at my expense – a 3D printed Progress vehicle model to the winner.  In the case where no one picks the square, the closest chosen square TO THE EAST of the atmospheric entry square will be the winner.  This is a completely arbitrary direction, don’t give me any guff about orbital mechanics on this 😀  The winner must be willing to share their mailing address with me (in private).

Follow @MINI_ELON on Twitter and/or search for the hashtag to see the current map!
Most recent as of 12:25AM EDT 30-Apr-2015:

Update: as of about 1AM EDT 30-Apr-2015:

Update 5-May-2015

Here’s the 3D model of the prize: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:46073 
I will be printing this in glow-in-the-dark plastic and adding a base with the date, time, and coordinates of atmospheric re-entry, and the winner’s twitter handle 🙂

We’re using http://www.n2yo.com/progress-cargo-reentry.php as our official reentry point map.  So we calling O8 the official square – which nobody guessed. Because there’s a bit of uncertainty, and because P8 was guessed, we going to call 2 winners!! Both P8 and O11 (due east of O8) are being declared winning squares!  That means:
P8 –
O11 – will receive 3D printed Soyuz models with 3D printed stands 🙂



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Among other things I was the Lead C&DH Flight Software Engineer on LCROSS. My LCROSS photo blog on Facebook can be accessed at http://tinyurl.com/lcross-is-go I run a recording studio and publishing company http://www.untiedmusic.com and tweet as @VAXHeadroom. I'm also a public speaker on space, physics, technology and stage performance. I love talking to kids from K to college, drop me an email if interested in having me come speak!
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