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Among other things I was the Lead C&DH Flight Software Engineer on LCROSS. My LCROSS photo blog on Facebook can be accessed at I run a recording studio and publishing company and tweet as @VAXHeadroom. I'm also a public speaker on space, physics, technology and stage performance. I love talking to kids from K to college, drop me an email if interested in having me come speak!

RF drive to the stars?

17-Nov-2016 7:30PM EST NEW INFO!!! The NASA paper is officially published!! AIAA Paper on NASA’s EMDrive Research About 8 months ago, mini_elon posted on this TMRO Reddit thread that he’d like to see a TMRO SpacePod about the microwave device … Continue reading

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I really should have known better than to create a fun hashtag on a day when I’m working in a facility where 1) I can’t take my phone, and 2) don’t even have access to a computer with internet access.  … Continue reading

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NASA Under Siege

I say we put together a short (fictional?) movie where 100 NASA personnel decide they’re going to work anyway and basically gate crash a facility and go to work. Nobody wants to actually arrest them because it would look REALLY … Continue reading

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My Little Star Trek

The mom of one of my high school daughter’s friends recently posted on Facebook that she (the mom) was tired of her high schooler watching this little kids show that was only for one year olds.  My daughter – a … Continue reading

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Beer bet it never flies.

So I’ve been saying this for months and no takers yet. Beer bet the NASA SLS never flies.  Not even a test flight. Don’t get me wrong: I’m as crazy an optimist as there is.  I hope to high heaven … Continue reading

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Penny4NASA response

My response to the White House response: Your response is a ‘non-response’ to the petition, just political double speak. ‘We can’t do it because the other party are idiots.’ Where’s the bold ‘CHANGE’? Where’s the vision? Where’s the actual LEADERSHIP … Continue reading

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Crowd-sourcing a science opportunity on NASA’s SAMPEX satellite.

We received the following email at work today:      The Solar Anomalous and Magnetospheric Particle Explorer (SAMPEX) has been orbiting the earth for the past 20 years and is expected to re-enter the earth’s atmosphere around September 29, 2012. Prior … Continue reading

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